Each year, on April Fools Day, The Busker HOF acknowledges contributions to the World of Street Theatre by inducting worthy members of the community into the Busker Hall of Fame. Below is a list of the current inductees along with the year that they were inducted of the Hall of Fame.

2013 – Robert Nelson
2014 – Chris Lynam & Nils Poll
2015 – Gazzo
2016 – David Aiken aka Checkerboard Guy & JP McKendry aka JP Koala
2017 – Dick Finkel & Nick Nickolas
2018 – Johnny Fox
2019 – Rob Torres
2020 – Al Millar, The Jim Show and Sam Scurfield

Click Here to find out more about how the selections are made.

One Response to Inductees

  1. Dusty Sargent says:

    Curious why Robert Williams isn’t in the induction list. He’s right their with Gazzo, and Mr Statue, the silver man in Portland, OR, for images that immediately pop into my head when I think of street performers.

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