Todd Strong

Todd Strong
Normally a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, Todd Strong hangs out well with jugglers and other performers. While many attribute this to his easy-going manner, more likely it’s because his limited skill set doesn’t threaten anyone’s livelihood. Rumors of his public performances being less frequent than Sasquatch sightings or certain, named comets have yet to be verified, or disproven.

Former long-running author of the Teach-In column for JUGGLE magazine, Todd has written close to a dozen books on juggling and object-manipulation skills. Some of them have even been published.

While he likes to imagine that he is responsible for furthering the art of diabolo, devil sticks, dice stacking, and dressing-in-costume to see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, history will be the true judge. His attempts to create financial interest in Todd-Belly Futures—where performers influence what goes into Todd’s stomach by taking him out for lunch—have met with moderate success.

More of a teacher than an entertainer, Todd was hired to be the juggling instructor at the National Circus school of France (both before and after the wall came down, when circus schools had the opportunity to hire some of the best juggling coaches in the world). He is more proud than he probably deserves to be that folks refer to him as jonglierlehrer in Germany, professeur du jonglage in France, sensei in Japan, and that guy who over-explains juggling patterns in print.

As a survivor of the San Francisco Suicide Club, he is thrilled that he was recognized as a Player for Life by the New Games Foundation, and even happier that this honor was not awarded posthumously.

Todd’s future goals include becoming proficient with chopsticks in his non-dominant hand, shaving without nicks, and finding Waldo before he requires a stronger prescription.

Todd’s Writings:

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