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jamesJames O’Shea
James O’Shea is a juggler, actor, playwright, husband, father, cook, dog-owner, rabid cycling enthusiast and big fan of all things kinetic.

He was born amid the orange trees and sonic-booms of sunny Southern California, but luckily he escaped with his family to be raised in the fascinating and exotic region of Canada know as Saskatchewan.

It was here he developed his love of theatre, juggling, and women in parkas.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s Degree in Irish Theatre Studies from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He also has a rescued street dog named Chloe.

He’s written three plays, Dogbarked, The Red Truck, and Home Ice, which were produced at theatres much to the delight and occasional consternation of audiences.

Together with Flyin’ Bob, he put a juggling show together called Flying Debris and toured the world trying to keep one step ahead of the law.

It was here he learned it is important to stay two steps ahead of the law.

They currently have a new show called The Chairmen which is available for bookings if you can’t find anyone else to take the gig.

He currently lives on a hill in New Westminster, BC, with his wife and ungrateful children and will make you an apple crisp if you come over to visit.

James‘s Writings:

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3 Responses to James O’Shea

  1. Patrick Leslie says:

    Hi James and patti , this patrick Lee Leslie

  2. Patrick Leslie says:

    Hi James and patti , this patrick Lee Leslie

    has been a long time since I connected. I live in hanna ,ab at the hanna lodge . I am retired from janitorial work .

  3. Robin Radostits says:

    Hi James,

    This is Robin Radostits. You and my husband Steve were good friends hundreds of years ago in Saskatoon! Steve is turning 60 this year. We are putting together a surprise collection of birthday video greetings for him and would love it if you had time to participate. Hope this message reaches you.

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