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David Cassel has been working professionally as a writer, director, graphic artist, teacher, and performing artist since 1978. He has spent his career traveling the world creating and presenting original inter disciplinary productions that have convergence and hybridization as their central creative principles. Each of David’s performance explorations bring together a multitude of elements including comedy, clown, character, story, narrative, acting technique, circus skill, juggling, acro balance technique, acrobatics, choreography, dance, improvisation, and, most importantly, human interactivity.

In addition to a robust performance career, David has continuously created numerous educational curricula for classes and workshops in physical theatre, sport oriented performance and a variety of related disciplines. His programs have been presented through primary, secondary and tertiary school systems in Canada, Australia, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Poland.

While always maintaining a relationship with outdoor performance and spectacle, David has extensive indoor experience as a Theatre Designer, Film Maker, Digital Programming Specialist, Educator, Producer and Artistic Leader. He has developed learning processes that integrate on line digital education with an intensive live physical theatre training program. David’s work is an example of the kind of Digital and Physical convergence that 21st century technology was created to facilitate.

He was awarded European Outdoor Performer of the Year  in Rotterdam, 1995, for his solo production of “Hotch’s 3D TeeVee”. As “The Space Commander” David has appeared on the front page of 7 international newspapers in addition to receiving numerous Australian University Comedy and Short Film awards. He  is the author of “The Pavement Stage – Perspectives on Street Theatre” a chronicle of the last thirty years in the evolution of street theatre world wide.

David appeared as “Man”  in The English Theatre Berlin production of Neil LaBute’s “This is How It Goes.”  He was also the Story and Physical Theatre Coach at Die Etage School for the Performing Arts in Berlin, Germany. In 2013, he was a Creative Developer on Cirque du Soleil’s production of “Michael Jackson ONE.”

He spends a lot of time wearing a mask and writing custom songs as The Ukulele Bandito when not out busking with Space Commander’s Groove Machine or pushing pixels as lead animator at The Tutti Fruitti Art Deco Company. His daughter is 2 so he sleeps when he can.

Homepage: http://www.davidcassel.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCommander
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidCassel

David’s Writings:

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