Karl Saliter

Karl Saliter
Karl is a comedy juggler type circus artist, working internationally wherever such things are needed. His list of past performances is longer than the line at the department of Motor Vehicles, probably culminating in a 20-year run as human torch and fire eater for “Pagliacci” at the Metropolitan Opera. He performs now mostly in Mexico, at places where sun and sea meet beach and bikini.

Beyond living as a miscreant gypsy, Karl is also a sculptor and a writer. His sculpture can be seen on permanent exhibit in LA, NY, and Chicago.*

He recently completed “Compassion’s Bitch,” a novel about a vegan serial killer, and wrote “The Unicycle Diaries,” a collection of essays like this one. He writes occasionally for Elephant Journal.

Karl often feels as if he was born under a silver whale of a frisbee moon in the back of a red cartoon pickup truck, careening down route 66 at speed, that he improbably took the wheel, stuck his baby elbow out the rolled-down window, and decided to roll with it, and that although the truck had awesome chrome mirrors, he never looked back. He hopes you sometimes feel the same.

If you absolutely promise not to tell anyone, you can paypal Karl a hundred and fifty bucks, and he will tell you what the black sea turtle said, during the eclipse, at midnight.

“Stone Differential” Pratt Sculpture Park, NY
“Tree Form” Formosa Park, West Hollywood, CA
“Petting Stones” Kohl Children’s Museum, Chicago

Karl’s Writings:

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