Kelly Shea

StaffPhotoA tattooed, bacon loving, candy fanatic talent wrangler – Kelly has spent her life traveling and searching for the “next big act.”

She will organize your event while leaping large stages in a single bound, commandeer an event with thousands of people with only her voice, and all the while keep her lipstick perfect.

Kelly does all of her own stunts.

In 2000, Kelly was lucky enough to be asked to work on the Halifax International Busker Festival. This happened after Halifax’s producer overheard Kelly talking to a music publicist on the phone and was blown away with here ‘get ‘er done’ approach. Kelly was finally getting to run away with the circus! 15 years later, she’s still running away with the circus by booking the talented lunatics for the Busker’s Festival.

In 2004, Kelly moved to Montreal to work at the Just For Laughs Festival – there she was a talent scout/producer for the English Comedy section. Traveling all over the world, she watched comedy and brought back the best of the best to perform onstage at comedy’s most prestigious festival every summer.

In 2010, the Vancouver Winter Olympics scooped her up to run the rehearsal facilities for the Opening/Closing Ceremonies as well as the Opening Ceremonies at the 2010 Paralympics. Vancouver’s mild climate definitely agreed with her.

Deciding that she didn’t want to face REAL CANADIAN winters anymore, Kelly decided to plant herself in Vancouver and try her hand in the film industry. 5-years and several tv series later, she is still working in the production offices and not regretting leaving cold weather behind.

Be it booking talent for the Halifax International Busker Festival, producing international comedy at Just For Laughs, booking comedy for the Kitchener-Waterloo Comedy Festival or working production on tv series in Vancouver – Kelly is known for her creativity, organizational ability and tech savvy-ness in this crazy Business of Show!


Kelly’s Writings:

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