Glenn Singer

glenn-cubreporter2Glenn Singer was born the year of Sputnik into the home of a Rocket Scientist and subsequently raised by dwarves. Kicked out of parochial school on his first day, he embarked on a public school education that surprised no one. Reaching the age of consent with no convictions he yearned to become a Vaudevillan and so took a job as a short order cook. 16 years and many different occupations later he did his first street show.

Having studied with Avner Isenberg, meeting Robert Nelson after reading about him, and then running into Mr. & Mrs. Jones on Holiday in Halifax, he took Pieter Post’s advice and concentrated on the short finale in his show. It involved a hobby horse costume. He had a new version built and met Pieter, The Flying Dutchmen, Noel Britten, Tash Wesp, and Moshe Cohen in The Canary Islands and developed an act that became a part of:  The International Super Street Performer’s Theatre Show that premiered at De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam with the Shuffle Demons and subsequently toured The Netherlands in 1991.

Sometimes known for his originality, he actually drew heavily on inspiration from Avner the Eccentric in his philosophy of performance, The Butterflyman in his approach to interruptions, and Pieter Post in hair care. Known for being quick to incorporate good suggestions from both colleagues and audience members he combined a flimsy premise with unlikely confidence, swarthy charm and a series of incredibly lucky breaks and found himself performing all over the world for 25 years.

Glenn Singer is:  el Gleno Grande.

Glenn’s Writings:

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