Owen Lean


Owen Lean started street performing in 2002 while studying in Dublin and in 2006 graduated with the world first degree in street magic. A year later his parents house burned down along with everything he owned, and in response he chose to take to the road full time and see how far it could take him.

Owen used to get his performing kicks acting in school theater and generally making a fool out of himself whenever he got the chance until he discovered magic completely by accident at age 18. Due to a lack of social skills and resultant gigs Owen flirted briefly with the street and soon found himself intoxicated by her rough charms. He since has performed on every street that will accommodate him all over the world, but is still fascinated by the theoretical and academical side of the art form.

When not pulling cards out of his mouth or narrowly missing stabbing himself in the face (and not always missing) Owen can be found attempting to write novels, and running large scale role playing games in London. He also is occasionally known to act still and plays the role of Richard Timmons in the cult web series I Am Tim.

Owen currently lives in Paris with his long-suffering partner, Antonia, and his ever increasing collection of french cookery books.

Find Owen on-line at: http://www.roadmage.com
Facebook: Owen Lean
Watch Owen’s TEDxBonn Presentation

Owen’s Writings:

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