Rick Lewis

rickFrom what we can only assume was some form of birth trauma, Rick was left with an insatiable need for attention from others. Even as a toddler he sought out the nearest and most accessible stages possible to gain approval in an attempt to heal his damaged psyche.

As a young boy he entertained neighborhood children, door to door salesmen, any and all visitors to his home, passing motorists in front of his house and then eventually pedestrians in heavily trafficked shopping districts. Rick the street performer was born.

He was eventually “discovered” on the street by the CEO of a global company and doors opened to a life of corporate gigging. Years were spent performing street-style, interactive, comedy shows for corporate executives to whom he submitted large invoices for his services as he continued to search for acceptance and validation. The money paid the bills, but didn’t do much for his psyche.Bio-extra

He eventually learned, around the age of 50, that what he truly needed would only be addressed through developing authentic friendships, participating in real community, and committing to his very own family. Go figure.

Today he secretly hopes that the internet will just go away and the world will once again be plunged into the reliance of three-dimensional interactions and the face to face human relationships that he is finally learning to enjoy.

Rick is a professional misbehaver, speaker, and author of the book “7 Rules You Were Born to Break.” He lives in Vancouver with his wife and 3 children.

Find Rick on the Web here: http://www.breakarule.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breakarule
Twitter: https://twitter.com/breakarule
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BreakaRuleTV

Rick’s Writings:

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