Rex Boyd

rexRex grew up in Kansas and started his performing career in school plays and speech competitions. He and his improv partner John Lehr picked up juggling and immediately set off to perform at open mic nights and a season at The Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Encouraged by the many excellent comedians, jugglers and street performers he met along the way Rex’s future as a performer became inevitable.

Rex next set off for Europe as a solo street performer and decided to take a stab at life in England in spite of knowing next to nothing about the country other than the fact that they spoke a similar language to his own Midwestern twang.

After a year in London street performing in Covent Garden and working the vibrant cabaret and comedy club circuit, Rex was able to spend the next 4 or 5 years living mainly on the road full-time as an entertainer with several trips to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, all over the United States not to mention numerous visits to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Rex eventually returned to England where he dove back into the British comedy club circuit and connected with agents who were able to book him into street festivals around the UK and Europe.

Now a family man, Rex and his growing young family moved to a beautiful, rural location in the rolling hills of Oxfordshire from where he could easily travel to many locations around the UK, but also as far afield as trips to Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, cruise ships and more. Twenty plus years in, Rex decided that spending more time at home with the family was more important, so retiring from show business was felt the right thing to do.

Now with his weekends free and time to establish new hobbies and friends, Rex’s passions for comedy and juggling have a newfound interest in the world of social Argentinian Tango dancing which oddly enough, in many ways resembles the social circles of juggling, comedy and street performing from his past.

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