Busker HoF 05 – Lee Ross Interview


Episode Notes:

  • Interview by: Robert Nelson – The Butterfly Man
  • Interviewee: Lee Ross
  • Original Recording Date: Sometime between 2001-2006?
  • Date: Aired: November 28, 2011
  • Location: Recorded on mini disc (remember that late great technology?) in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Music used in this Podcast: 
    1. Podcast Intro: “Two Seater Long” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computer’s GarageBand.
    2. Robert’s Intro: “Pendulum” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computer’s GarageBand.
    3. Podcast Closing: “Pendulum” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computer’s GarageBand.
  • Mixed and edited by: cbg entertainment in association with Butterfly Broadcasting

Comments: This week’s interview comes from the Butterfly mini disc archives and features Lee Ross. From his beginnings on the streets of New York, to an hour and a half monster show in Brisbane, Australia, to staring down a guy who was ready to beat the crap out of him in Boston. Lee Ross’s blend of physical, verbal and projected comedy made him one of the loudest and funniest mime’s on the planet.

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