Busker HoF 27 – The Silly People Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: The Silly People are Phil Leconte and Colin Franks two guys who take ‘not caring’ to an entirely new level. Though, truth be told, it’s how much they care about ‘not caring’ and how much their audiences buy into the sarcastic cynicism that they present that sets them apart from other acts on the circuit. The fact that both are incredibly good poker players also makes them a force to be reckoned with.

With out question, these two paid their dues, working as balloon twisters before morphing into a dynamic comedic duo with a very unique show and style. The fact that they weren’t ‘like’ anyone else made it easy for an older generation to mentor them and help shape their show and success.

Their’s isn’t a show that’s built upon the classic techniques of getting up on something high, or juggling dangerous objects (though they could have easily done either). Instead, they use the street as a venue to push the boundaries of humor all the while making a concerted effort to make each other laugh.

Wanna hear more from the Silly People? Check out this interview from CBC’s Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean!

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