Busker HoF 43 – Pete Sweet Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: Learning how to street perform as a way to travel the world is a pretty common theme for many people who get into the Busking World and for Pete Sweet the allure of combining his love of juggling with the excitement of being in front of an audience and his desire to see the world proved to be a potent combination that fueled his adventurous spirit after graduating from college.

It’s one thing to set out and develop a show that’s ‘good enough’ to allow for the nomadic lifestyle that many street performers gravitate towards, it’s another thing entirely to push past ‘good enough’ towards one’s true potential and this sort of drive has set Pete Sweet apart from many of his contemporaries.

It’s often difficult to evolve beyond what’s comfortable and familiar, but Pete’s ability to see the greater potential of giving up one reality in search of a new one with even greater potential has allowed him to continually grow in a world where far too many artists end up stagnating. Growth isn’t necessarily easy, but for Pete Sweet it always seems to have been worth it.

Bonus Image From The Ottawa Busker’s Festival
Date: July 31, 2004, Sparks Street Mall, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Photo by: David Aiken


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