Busker HoF 47 – Karl Saliter Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: Karl Saliter was introduced to busking at the tender age of seven year’s old when his grandmother took him to central park and they stopped to watch a juggler. Karl’s world (and his mother’s nylons) were never the same again.

Karl is self-taught juggler who served a sort of apprenticeship on the street initially backing up other street performers on drums and harmonica in Harvard Square in Cambridge. His education then continued by spending a winter watching the masters of the craft in Mallory Square in Key West, Florida. Over the years he also hired both Robert Nelson and Philip Petit to work with him and director his show.

It’s clear that his current show has been moulded and shaped by not only the people he’s encountered but also the experiences he had making things up as he went along. His creative nature also finds form in the world of sculpture and the written word with one article already contributed to the B-HOF project and hopefully more to come in the future. Karl is gifted inventor with a wicked sense of humour!

Bonus Image From Karl’s Archives:

At one point in the interview, Karl mentions having a photo from the Goshen Fair where he did his very first solo hatted shows… Here is that image –


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