Busker HoF 49 – Charlie Caper Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: We first heard from Charlie Caper in the debut of our Short Story collection with a piece we called “Jedi on the Pitch.” We’re diving back into that conversation again to give you a more complete biography of Charlie and how he ended up becoming one of the top cups and balls magicians working the street.

Magic Brian does a fantastic job of steering the conversation in a way that reveals Charlie’s personal history, allows for hilarious anecdotes and exposes some really vulnerable moments from this street conjurer and self-confessed nerd.

Performing on the street isn’t necessarily an obvious choice, but for ‘members of the tribe’ like Charlie Caper there’s something so viscerally important about the connections that are made while doing street shows that the idea of giving it up seems like sheer folly.

Bonus Material:
Check out this YouTube Video of Charlie’s iPad Act which is mentioned in the interview.

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