Busker HoF 59 – Nigel and Louise Interview


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Episode Notes:

Comments: Maintaining a relationship can be a challenging and even more so when the people involved both have incredibly successful solo careers as performers. But the shared understanding of a performer’s life can actually make it easier in some rare instances.

Nigel “Mr. Spin” Martin and Louise “Pandora Pink” Clarke both fell into the world of street theatre via separate paths but it was street performing that brought them together at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in 2004. Both brought years of experience to the table when they created their production company Bamboozled Productions which has been responsible for bringing a ton of performers to South Australia for The Adelaide Fringe Street Theatre Festival.

Magic Brian sat down with Nigel and Louise to dig a bit deeper into the inner workings of their solo careers as well as to discuss what’s involved with producing a Street Performers Festival, a journey filled with plenty of trials and tribulations.

Bonus images from the Bamboozled Productions Archives with commentary by Louise:

01framed “Mevrouw Bakker performing ‘Evel Knievel’s Stunt Team’, Edinburgh 2002, Clearly inflatable Even Knievel needs a bit more air! This was a ridiculous show performed by myself, Karin Arts and Saar van Gerwen. We travelled around Europe for three years making totally, colourful work for the street and festivals. We made a show a year, (which was ultimately our down fall) Thighs of Steel 2001, Even Knievels Stunt Team 2002 and The Quest for the Ultimate Man in 2003.”

02framed “Mevrouw Bakker (Ma Bakker) in our fatty pants, Hunters Square, Edinburgh 2002.”

03framed “Promo shot from Thighs of Steel, 2001. In Holland I always felt like the small, ugly one.”

04framed “A young Nigel licking his unicycle, his one true love!”

05framed “Promo shot from our duo show The Doogans.”

06framed “My first tour with Pandora Pink, Edinburgh 2004. I loved it but I was so nervous before starting every show!”

07framed “Pandora Pink performing at the Moisture Festival, US, 2010.”

08framed “Mr. Spin at the beginning of his show, Edinburgh, 2005.”

09framed “Mr. Spin performing at Mullum.”

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