Busker HoF 71 – Bill Ferguson Interview



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Comments: Bill Ferguson’s career as a landscape designer got sidetracked when he ran into a juggler on the home one day and three and a half decades later he’s still making a career from being one of the best non-juggling jugglers in the world. More than his hand eye co-ordination, Bill’s dexterity with language and crafting a delicious tension with an audience became the trademarks of this incredibly powerful entertainer.

Mixed in with shows that took him around the world, Bill also discovered that he had a knack for producing festivals and has done so in Vancouver, Victoria as well as several in his adopted home of England.

Eric Amber hooked up with Bill in the Green Room at the 2015 Vancouver International Buskers Festival to discuss a career that’s spanned multiple decades, continents and pitches. With a commanding presence, a deep voice and an ability to read people Bill turned the promise of a pie in the face into one of the most legendary shows on the street.

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