Busker HoF 74 – Johnny Fox Interview

Episode Notes:

Comments: This podcast is called Stories from the Pitch for a reason, and this particular interview exemplifies this title more than most because Johnny Fox is a natural when it comes to telling stories. His life and his career have been filled with so many chapters in fact the stories came fast and furious.

The striking thing about Johnny’s stories is that they mix his experience with those from his mentors in a way that weaves a greater picture of how this Storyteller, Magician, Sword Swallower  evolved into a well established entertainer who’s been on the circuit since the 70’s. 

Guy Collins sat down with Johnny in his 1957 GMC vintage bus at the 2015 Maryland Renaissance Festival to discuss how he got started, who he was taught by and to touch on the sometimes uncomfortable topic of material that’s been appropriated from him over the years. The names, places and events all helping to capture a slice of history from the Busking World.

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Bonus Images from the Interwebs: 

‘A Hard Act to Swallow’ show poster from the early days.

Check out those sideburns and moustache! Wow!

This is the promo shot that landed Johnny a spot on the Paul Daniels Show in the UK.

Human Sacrifice story appears in Steve Spill’s book ‘I Lie for Money.’

Jim Cellini at work wowing crowds around the world.

Street Magician, Jeff Sheridan mesmerizing crowds with his craft and focus.

Philippe Petit on his unicycle with the chalk circle in view. An artistic style that’s seldom seen these days.

Robin Williams doing a mime act in Central Park before ‘Making it!’

Johnny posing with his 1957 GMC PD-4104 Vintage Bus. 

Slydini on the Dick Cavett Show.

Dr. Hot and Neon on the Paul Daniels Show (segment begins at 18:32). Click on the image above to view or click on this link – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ygsqr

Johnny Fox on the Pauld Daniels Show.

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