Busker HoF 83 – Andrew Elliot Interview

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Comments: Figuring out who you are is a journey we all go through. Is what you do for   money what ends up defining a large part of who you are and where you invest your self-identity? This is often the case especially when one becomes a street performer and unlocks the secret to a ‘life hack’ that gives you so much freedom to travel the world, provides vast amounts positive feedback from audiences and enough money to live a very comfortable life. It’s a lifestyle that can become entirely intoxicating and incredibly addictive.

But once the basics are met, how much more do you need? Do you allow the lifestyle to become all encompassing, or do you simply use performing and your performance character as the means to a different end? Strip away the performance persona and what is left underneath?

David Aiken sat down with Andrew Elliot during the Dubai Marina Mall Street Performer’s Festival to discuss Andrew’s early days with magic, his time in India living with a community of Indian Street Magicians and his eventual transformation into a street performer who used his show as a vehicle to travel the world and provide the means for ongoing self discovery.

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3 Responses to Busker HoF 83 – Andrew Elliot Interview

  1. David I love your story from the pitch keep it going please.

  2. Trevor Elliott Andrews brother says:

    Hi David I’m having trouble finding the link to the interview for this page could you help me out thanks

  3. Trevor Elliott Andrews brother says:

    Sorry David found it a little bit hard to see when I was just looking at on a phone thanks mate cheers

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