Short – Busker HoF 76 – Amsterdam Legends

***Correction… After releasing this episode, a few eyebrows were raised about 2007 being the year that these events took place. Consensus seemed to be that it might have been June or July of 2005… Still a great story though!

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This episode is proudly sponsored by BuskinCity – a platform for professional street performers to book their own tour in different parts of the world using a simple booking calendar. For more information please visit the BuskinCity website and huge thanks to Thorsten Andressen, Ulf Andersson and the team from BuskinCity for sponsoring this episode!

Episode Notes:

Comments: Katie Write and Eloise Green teamed up in 2007 and almost immediately landed some gigs in Europe. The show was brand new and untested and so were they, but it didn’t take long for them to earn some serious street cred! If you haven’t checked out Chapter 1 from Katie, we suggest listening to Episode 46 first as there are moments in this story that reference that first story.

This time around Katie picks up the story in Amsterdam where the girls enjoyed great success playing in Leidseplein Square. It didn’t take long for them to establish themselves on the scene and become fast friends with the other performers in Amsterdam which ended up being a very good thing.

The great thing about the global street theatre community is that more often than not we look after each other, and this is exactly what happened when OzStar Airlines had an encounter with the local authorities that gave them legendary status!

And thanks again to: BuskinCity for sponsoring this episode!

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