Busker HoF – 121 Dino Lampa

Episode Notes:

Interview by: Magic Brian
Interviewee: Dino Lampa
Original Recording Date: January, 2020
Date Aired: January 15, 2021
Music: Opening Music: “Look at ME” by: .357 Lover as found on ‘The Purchase of the North Pole’ recording.
Closing Music:“Thank You” by: .357 Lover as played on the ‘Diorama of the Golden Lion’ recording.
Mixed and edited by: Magic Brian for The Busker Hall of Fame

YouTube Link: Busker Hall Of Fame – Episode 121 – Dino Lampa

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One Response to Busker HoF – 121 Dino Lampa

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    Thanks for the interview; interesting since I know Dino and all of the people mentioned.. And the person Stevie-Gee was working with at the time was Dale Steel. And I suspect that Dale was one of the bigger influences on the Amsterdam scene in terms of using a tall unicycle. I’m pretty sure super clown Shy first learned in A-Dam around the same time the Van Wee brother and many others did. But he might have been one of the first performers based there at the time to use it in shows. But Dale was one of the guys that went through A-dam and Europe around 84/85 with really strong uni skills that influenced that scene.

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