Busker HoF – 122 Abi Collins

Episode Notes:

Interview by: Magic Brian
Interviewee: Abigail Collins
Original Recording Date: January, 2021
Date Aired: February 15, 2021
Music: Opening Music: “Look at ME” by: .357 Lover as found on ‘The Purchase of the North Pole’ recording.
Closing Music:“Thank You” by: .357 Lover as played on the ‘Diorama of the Golden Lion’ recording.
Mixed and edited by: Magic Brian for The Busker Hall of Fame
Logo Design by: Jeff Ritchie

YouTube Link: Busker HoF – 122 Abi Collins

Merchandise: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BuskerHOF

Abi’s Book: Everybody’s Doing It

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