Busker HoF 15 – Eric Amber Interview


Episode Notes:

      • Interview by: Robert Nelson – The Butterfly Man
      • Interviewee: Eric Amber
      • Original Recording Date: February 8, 2012
      • Date: Aired: February 29, 2012
      • Location: Recorded via Skype between Robert: Pahoa, Hawaii, USA & Eric: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
      • Music used in this Podcast:
        1. Robert’s Intro: “Pendulum” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computers’ GarageBand.
        2. Additional Music: “The Big-Big Testimony” by: The A Team from Calgary, AB, Canada
      • Mixed and edited by: David Aiken for the Busker Hall of Fame

Comments: Childhood working on the carney-circuit – Check! Improv training at Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary – Check! Hundreds upon hundreds of hours doing street shows around the globe – Check! Absolute fearlessness in the pursuit of what might just be funny – Absolutely! Eric Amber’s entire existence seems to revolve around the basic idea behind all good improv ‘stay positive and say yes to everything’ as you’ll hear in this week’s episode.

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One Response to Busker HoF 15 – Eric Amber Interview

  1. Jimbo Jordan says:

    Every time I go to get my street permit in Calgary I speak to the same lady. 15 years I have spoken to this same lady about getting my permit. I know her name, I’m very friendly and she NEVER remembers who I am or what my show is. She always insists that I audition for her.
    When I told her that I do a comedy magic show and she told me “we don’t allow comedy” I laughed in her face and called her Hitler. Why would I have thought she was serious? who the hell bans COMEDY!
    Any way yeah I scribbled over comedy and got my licence, and ever since that is exactly what I put on my application to renew my permit.
    I will never surrender to this city, I will fight for street performers till this city changes back to the way it was in the 90’s. That’s what inspired me to become who I am, I would hate it if I couldn’t return the favour.

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