Busker HoF 37 – Chris ‘dePyss’ Lynam Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: Chris dePyss Lynam is a legend in the alternative comedy scene who got his start on the streets of London before Covent Garden was redeveloped into what has become one of the most well known street pitches in the world.

Chris’s ‘anarchic clown’ pushed boundaries and paved the way for generations of performers who followed. This approach may have had something to do with the fact that Mr. Lynam’s wild performance character was finding it’s voice as London was giving birth to Punk Rock and an in-your-face attitude that is clearly present in the material that Chris creates.

From growing up in Zimbabwe to applying to the Lecoq School in Paris to hitting the street’s of London and cities around the world, Chris’s career on the street, stage and festivals has spanned more than four decades and shows no sign of ending any time soon. We congratulate him again on being one of two inductees into the Busker Hall of Fame for 2014!

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