Short – Busker HoF 36 – Circ-onomics


Episode Notes:

  • Interview by: Glenn Singer
  • Interviewee: Nils Poll
  • Photo Credit: David Aiken
  • Original Recording Date: February 28, 2014
  • Date: Aired: April 15, 2014
  • Locations: (Recorded Via Skype)
    • Glenn Singer: Lewisberg, WV, USA
    • Nils Poll: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Music:
    1. Intro: “Vino” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computers’ GarageBand.
    2. Other Music: “Cascade” by Tim Sars as played by The Carnival Band
  • Mixed and edited by: David Aiken for The Busker Hall of Fame

Comments: It’s funny what venues make themselves available when performers are just getting started out and for Nils Poll it seemed like his juggling prowess had somewhat of a gravitational pull towards working with circuses. Not that he didn’t play in other venues too, but this episode finds Nils Poll performing on the other side of the world from his native Denmark with an indian circus in Nepal and a Japanese Circus operated by the Yakuza.

Both circuses offered Nils a glimpse into worlds that revolved around certain geographic and cultural realities and provided certain insights that few westerners ever get to experience – realities that are the basis of Circ-onomics.

You can check out this crazy Dane in action on the bus to the first ever Thailand International Juggling Festival via a video that’s posted on Vimeo here –


YO! I ain’t no tapper and I ain’t no Rapper
I’m a Jug…I’m a Jug-Jug-Juggler!
I don’t wanna struggle don’t wanna fight
I Just wanna juggle with all of my might.
Because a juggler feel so free defying gravity.
Clubs and balls might break your bones
I stole this rime from Quincy Jones
But I juggle better than The Rolling Stones
Now Mick might juggle a mike, but I juggle better than Jagger.
I’m a downtown clown throwing balls around.
In a Any city you walk in any city you go,
You might be lucky to catch my show.
Scared of the cops, I got a box full of props
And I line them up and the people they stop.
Screaming Dead or alive create a Crowd
And Bang I’m ready to go with my hotshitshow.
Like Wal-Do-Do!
When I juggle 3 they all look at me
When I juggle 4 they wanna see more
When I juggle 5 they all come alive and start to jive.
When I do 6 they are all hooked on juggling tricks
If I could juggle 7 we would all be in heaven,
When I juggle 8 I feel so great
Juggle 9 I feel so fine
When I juggle 10 nobody can beat me then!
If you like the show you can Cheer and holler
Just don’t forget to give me a dollar

–Jugglers rap 1989 Nils Poll

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