Busker HoF 39 – Tamara Campbell Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: Tamara Campbell is best known for her lovable nerd character, Shirley Sunflower. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Australia and going through the intensive training at the Dell Arte School of Physical Theatre in California, Tamara burst onto the scene determined to conquer the world and in many respects, she did.

Shirlee Sunflower was a staple on the global festival circuit for years winning awards and playing at over a hundred major European Festivals over a period of more than a decade and a half. The improbable combination of unapologetic brashness tempered with a certain wide-eyed innocence won her fans the world over.

Now married with two children, Tamara’s latest creation, Kiki Bittovabitsch, continues to be a hit with both solo appearances and as part of a duo in the Kiki and Pascal Show where she partners with her real life husband, The Great Dave. And just incase that wasn’t enough she’s also found the time to be the artistic director of the KISS Arts Festival and Wollongong’s Circus Monoxide.

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