Busker HoF 68 – Tim Eric Interview


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Episode Notes:

Comments: What is it that makes a person who they are? Is it genetics? Is it environment? Is it experience? Or, is it the combination of all of these? Tim Eric’s diverse experience lead him to find a life as a street performer and it was as a result of these prior experiences that he became one of the most intense escape artists on the street.

Beyond just collecting a good hat and delivering a good show Tim’s bigger purpose was to demonstrate to his audiences that no matter what the obstacle, or obstruction in your life, with determination, dedication and perseverance, you can overcome anything.

Nick Nickolas connected with Tim Eric to discuss a four and a half decade career in which authentic escapes lead to some incredible adventures, some amazing opportunities, and some unbelievable outcomes.

Bonus Images from The Tim Eric Archives:


Tim Eric performing his escape on Hollywood Boulevard.

02-centralparkTim Eric with members of the Busking Family in Central Park, NYC, USA. 

  • William Lee (wearing red and holding the single white juggling club at the centre of the image helped name some of the folks in the shot:
  • Black guy front row Keith Wilson
  • Will Shaw second row holding juggling clubs
  • Holding whip, prop builder Brian Dubé

03-with-frank Tim Eric escaping while Frank Simon Balanced him on his face..

Visit Tim Eric’s website at http://TimEric.com or Find Tim Eric on Facebook

Finally, a video from YouTube showing 4 of Tim Eric’s Escapes:

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