Short – Busker HoF 69 – Venice Beach Adventures


Episode Notes:

Comments: One of the best things about working on the street is that anything can happen. One of the most challenging things about working on the street is that anything can happen. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Work at a Street Performers Festival and you get spoiled by receptive audiences who rarely ever heckle performers, but that’s not the case on every pitch especially not the hard core street pitches. 

Some of the most famous pitches around the world became famous in part because performers have had to rise to the challenge of dealing with the colourful mix of street culture that you share the pitch with. But what doesn’t kill you usually makes you stronger and if you can survive one of the hard core street pitches like Covent Garden in London, Mallory Square in Key West, or Venice Beach in Los Angeles, chances are you’ll be able to perform anywhere.

Linsey Lindberg connected with Alfred and Seymour, The Black Street Boyz to gather some stories about some of the challenges they faced while dealing with the challenges and opportunities they faced while performing on Venice Beach.

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