Busker HoF 98 – Kim Potter Interview

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Episode Notes:

Comments: If you’re driving and trying to get to a specific destination, then having a map will help  you get to your goal. If what you simply like is driving, then the destination is somehow less important. When put in terms of a career in Street Theatre, if you’re goal is to make a million dollars, then your show will be structured in a certain way, if your goal is the adventure, then you’ll derive endless enjoyment from the pursuit of the craft.

Kim Potter is a great example of a guy who likes to pursue a multitude of aspects of what life as a street performer has to offer. Juggling skills – Check! Character development – Check! Live Music – Check!  Sure there may be a formula for how to make the most money in the hat, but if following that formula negates some of the other interests you have, it’s easy to choose the path that’s of most interest – the hell with the money.

Magic Brian connected with Kim Potter before the start of the 15th Annual Grande Prairie Street Performers Festival to discuss the diversity that Kim has pursued during his career; skill-based show, character-based show and other revelation along the way. For Kim at least, it would seem that the journey has been the destination. 

Bonus Materials from Kim’s varied career with commentary from Kim himself –

Wellington Evening Post article photo for the 1995 New Zealand Juggling Convention. February 1996. I suggested this idea, rather than spend another hour trying to capture me unable to ride a unicycle.

Friday drinks at The Ministry Of Juggling in James Smiths Market, Wellington 1996. I’m still owed $4500. Left to right: Richard Horne, Rebecca Horne, Harold Jarvie, rebecca White, Chris Taylor, Helen Greenway, Angela Dorrington, Kim Potter, Leila Martley, Emma ?, Jo Stott (hidden), Mike Jones, Jason ? 

Late night found-item juggling/riding at the Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival 1998, Spencers Beach, Big Island, HA. 

Adrian Kirk & Kim Potter as Ten Feet Tall, Christchurch Arts Centre, Boulevard Pitch 1997. We wrote the show Wednesday, rehearsed Thursday, previewed it to the CircoArts students Friday and worked the weekend.
 The official Ken’s Room business card. Artwork by Ken Koshiishi.

Kim Potter as Pierre L’sur – Christchurch 1997 

Kim Potter as “Pierre L’sur” at Wellington’s Cuba Street Carnival 1999? 

Kim Potter as Pierre L’sur – Toronto Buskers Festival 2002. Black Street Boys couldn’t get across the border, and I was in the right place at the right time.

Kim Potter street show at the Wellington Dragonboat festival 2001. The first photo of my show that made me think “I’ll never need another photo.” Wrong.

Kim Potter – Feldkirch Gauklerfestival, Austria 2002  

Pre Vinyl Burns – Edmonton Fringe Festival 2005

Vinyl Burns’ first formal outing, hosting Heavenly Burlesque, Paramount Theatre, Wellington 2006. Photoshop Spoiler: That face and the body are from different shows.

Vinyl Burns – World Buskers Festival, Christchurch 2011.

Vinyl Burns – La Strada, Augsburg Germany 2017. 

Vinyl Burns as “Management” with Tapeface (Sam Wills).

The Christmas Cruiser – Acquired from The Hoop Hooligans – Vinyl’s new Christmas ride.

Another fumbling attempt at powerful marketing. 

Video documentary from Lotto World Buskers – 1992 Wellington NZ that was mentioned:

Music Video featuring the music of Kim Potter with Special Guest Appearance by ‘Tape Face’ (Sam Wills).

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