Busker HoF 99 – Two Clowns and a Truck

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Episode Notes:

Comments: What is it about boys and trucks? And in this case, what is it about this specific 1961 Morris Minor Pick-Up Truck that captivated the imagination of two very different performers? Did the truck really have a personality of it’s own or was this vehicle simply a reflection of the person who owned it when they owned it, how they treated it when they drove it, and what it brought to their lives?

For Robert it seemed to be an outlet to exercise his OCD in spite of a general ignorance of all things mechanical. His pig-headed tenacity (and a ridiculous amount of money) willed the truck back to life, but seemingly on the truck’s terms. For Martin the truck was just that, a truck – a cute truck sure, but still, just a truck and the perfect performance partner for his shenanigans on the Big Island of Hawaii.

David Aiken originally recorded Robert Nelson talking about his ‘Tonkah’ Truck back in May of 2012 and then picked up the conversation with Martin Ewen in January of 2019 to discover how the truck influenced each clown in it’s own way. Two clown, one truck and one hell of a journey!

 Bonus Materials from Images and Links from the Tonkah’s History –

Robert and Kumi outside of their house near Venice Beach, CA in the early 90’s.

Robert pops out to LAX in the Tonkah August 1993 to visit David Aiken, The Checkerboard Guy and Glenn Singer, El Gleno Grande who were on their way to the World Expo in Taejon, Korea. 

Robert and Martin posing in their Busker Hall of Fame t-shirts which feature the Butterfly Skull prior to Robert’s Death. This shot was taken on July 6, 2012. 

If you’re going to have a truck in Hawaii, it definitely needs a surfboard rack!!!
 And every surfboard needs a kimono clade surfer!

Once again this 1961 Morris Minor pick-up truck is down to bare metal and primer. Two clowns love of this vehicle and the desire to keep it rolling and looking good.

New floors waiting to go in.

That Face… How can you not love THAT FACE!!!

Sitting at Kona Kayaks waiting for some love.

Red truck, red stilt pants… Perfection!

Video – The Exchange from one clown to another.

Video: Goat Facilitation.

Video: Goat in the Machine

Video: The Original ‘Comedians in Cars’ ride with Rumple

To read the Transcript from the conversation with Rumple Click here! 

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Click here to download the Story Robert Nelson Wrote that is quoted at the beginning of the Episode.

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