Short – Busker HoF 29 – Jedi on the Pitch


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Going into it’s 7th year, the Lawrence Busker Festival in Lawrence Kansas is one of the largest gatherings of street performers in the United States. The 2014 Festival runs August 22 – 24 and as it says on their website, it’s three days of family fun with some of the most talented freaks, geeks, artists and musicians around. Find out more about the festival at – and HUGE thanks to them for sponsoring this episode!

Episode Notes:

  • Interview by: Magic Brian
  • Interviewee: Charlie Caper
  • Original Recording Date: July 9, 2013
  • Date: Aired: December 25, 2013
  • Location: Charlie’s apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Music:
    1. Intro: “Vino” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computers’ GarageBand.
    2. Other Music: “Cascade” by Tim Sars as played by The Carnival Band
  • Mixed and edited by: Magic Brian and David Aiken for The Busker Hall of Fame

Comments: When you get enough performers assembled at a festival all trying to work in a contained area where shows are almost on top of each other, it can become a bit of a contest as to who is going to be able to hold their crowd. This is the story of Charlie Caper’s first visit to Edinburgh and his Jedi-like mastery of his crowd and the pitch dynamics.

And thanks again to The Lawrence Buskers Festival for sponsoring this episode!

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2 Responses to Short – Busker HoF 29 – Jedi on the Pitch

  1. checkerhead says:

    Thanks Brian for capturing this story! It’s GREAT!

  2. checkerhead says:

    And Thanks to Richard Renner and the Lawrence Busker’s Festival for sponsoring this episode!

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