Short – Busker HoF 54 – The Token Woman


Episode Notes:

  • Interview by: Glenn Singer
  • Interviewee: Tash Wesp
  • Original Recording Date: October 29, 2014
  • Date: Aired: March 15, 2015
  • Location: Recorded via Skype – Glenn in Lewisburg, WV, USA • Tash in Newport, OR, USA
  • Notes about the Image: This image is composite created by Magic Brian from images provided by Tash and also found on the internet.
  • Music:
    1. Intro: “Vino” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computers’ GarageBand.
    2. Other Music: “Cascade” by Tim Sars as played by The Carnival Band
  • Mixed and edited by: David Aiken for The Busker Hall of Fame

Comments: Tash Wesp is the creator of “Mildred Hodittle” a clown character who became famous for a bit in her show where she spun a ball on her nipple. This combination of beauty and absurdity exemplifies what Tash brought to the street in terms of both the strength required to play in a male dominated field and the vulnerability necessary to remain true to her female persona.

Glenn Singer connected with Tash to chat about some of the most memorable moments she had on the street and this episode presents two of those stories – one demonstrating the hypocritical nature of the period when she was touring extensively, and the other of a magical moment on the street when an audience served to protect her from the local authorities.

Tash’s contributions to this world are hard to quantify, but there’s no question that she paved the way for so many solo female artists who have followed.

Bonus Images From Tash’s Archives with commentary by Tash:

tit-framed Mildred Hodittle, 7 months pregnant, spinning a ball on her nipple.

tisps-framed Mildred Hodittle (centre) in the International Street Performers show, Amsterdam, Holland

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