Busker HoF 53 – Jeff Moche Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: Jeff Moche is a magician, an escape artist and above all else, a comedian. He got his start in the mid-80’s and is a part of the old guard who fondly remembers the days before amplification, microphones and ipods. It was a different time to be sure but armed with some of the classic routines from the world of magic, a bag full of funny and a fantastic character Jeff was able to establish himself as a maker of miracles and laughter.

Magic Brian sat down with Jeff to discuss the trajectory of his street career, how he developed as an entertainer, the many obstacles he overcame as part of the process and what he’s up to now in an hour long conversation that touches on everything from stage fright to the dynamics of some of Jeff’s favorite pitches. Jeff Moche is indisputably a well respected and influential member of the tribe.

Bonus commentary from Magic Brian who conducted the interview: This was my first interview for Stories From The Pitch and when I listened to it over a year later I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Having Jeff as my first interview was easy because he’s a friend and lived close by. Also, I wanted to know his story so curiosity drove the conversation and that was really my approach; having a conversation. I had a few questions I wanted to ask based on what Robert had set up but I didn’t want those questions to drive the interview. I really just wanted to have a good conversation with a friend and I think I achieved that.

Bonus Images From Jeff’s Archives with commentary by Jeff: I really like this shot from early Halifax Buskerfest. First time I saw a photo that had a sense of character and confidence. I had only started performing full time a year or two earlier, so that was a terrific time. I did the 2nd and 3rd years of Halifax. I could have gone the first year too, but when I heard about it I was in Montreal and figured it would be a bust. I was SOOOO wrong!!!

01-coloured The clown and mime costume was from a weeklong magic gig I got at Holland Village. A very early opportunity, and these were completely new looks and a different act that I tried, all to music. It went pretty well I think.

02-coloured Another Japan photo from Huis Ten Bosch. Great gig! Loved working there, and I started getting the hang of mixing a little Japanese in to the act and using running gags. So the show was nearly like my style elsewhere.

03-coloured Performing in front of the Statue de Champlain in Quebec City. I did 8 full summers there and had probably the best time of my life. Great crowds with a lot of tourists, workable almost every day. Amazing summer weather, and idyllic surroundings. Late night dinners after work at our favorite cafe. And my shows went over so well there, mixing bad French with comedy magic.

04-coloured Another summer I worked around Belgium. I also had a really good time there. And you can see why my show has international appeal. People from every country and from all walks of life find the nose pick to be funny. Go figure.

05-coloured In addition to being a gifted performer, Jeff is also a bit of an economic theorist. His latest paper on the subject can be seen The EconoMonitor Blog Site here.

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