Short – Busker HoF 64 – Cult of the Compass


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Episode Notes:

Comments: Were you to take any group of street performers, throw them in ‘normal’ cloths and take away their props, it would be hard to guess that each has a hidden set of skills that allows them to stop and command the attention of a group of complete strangers with a show that’s been tailored to fit into a suitcase.

Those cases might be filled with juggling props, or a musical instrument or perhaps some cups and balls but beyond the skills required to manipulate the props, each performer is also armed with a delicious combination of charm and charisma that can deliberately effect an audience into filling their hat with money.

But what happens when you take that skill set and apply it in non-performance situations? Magic Brian sat down with Charlie Caper over a few beers and listened as Charlie told this story about an encounter in India that might well have changed the face of religion.

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