Short – Busker HoF 85 – And That’s Pearl Street

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Comments: Work any city anywhere in the world long enough and you’ll realize that you’re just one of many people vying for attention. In fact, quite often the street, the buildings and the energy of the space itself are as intoxicating as the people who frequent them. This is especially true of pedestrian streets and the sorts of pitches that street performers are naturally attracted to. 

Obviously street performers aren’t the only people attracted to these sorts of  venues, so if you’re a regular at a well populated public space, you soon get to meet the regulars and acquaint yourself with the idiosyncrasies of their particular version of reality. These local characters provide a certain texture that makes a city feel alive.

Magic Brian sat down with Sam Malcolm on a busy weekend on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado to talk about some of the local characters and some of the legendary stories that have made Pearl Street what it is – a pitch full of life and full of it’s own mythology.

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