Busker HoF 86 – Pete Mielniczek Interview

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Comments: There are those who write scripts, there are those who follow scripts and there are those who have the ability to take a tangent away from their script and follow the sort of unexpected opportunities that are a very real part of playing on the street. Then there is that very special breed of performer who seem to pro-actively engage with the Comedy Gods inviting chaos into their shows and embracing the opportunity to Improvise.

Skills like juggling, unicycling or some sort of prop manipulation somehow seem a bit more tangible than the mind-blowing ability to manufacture laughter out of thin air with out a script by simply allowing the funny to happen. It’s the sort of skill set that requires you to tap into your inner clown and have faith that the universe really is a comedy of errors waiting to be channeled for the amusement of your audience.

Shay Horay sat down with Pete Mielniczek during the Dubai Marina Mall Street Performers Festival to discuss what it takes to craft funny from the unexpected, how to create material from a glimmer of inspiration and how the counter intuitive ability to put one’s weaknesses on display as opposed to one’s strength can sometimes be the essence of the craft.

***This Episode is being dedicated to Ian Hinchcliffe. In Pete’s own words – 

“He was crazy and brilliant and died in 2010 and was a great friend and inspiration to me.”

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  1. Thanks again for sharing. It’s great to be a fly on the wall. Daniel and I just spent a great hour listening to these two with big smiles on our faces.

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