Short – Busker HoF 93 – Bat to the Head


Episode Notes:

Comments: Do your show a thousand times and nothing ever goes wrong. Ideally we all aim to minimize the risk while maximizing the enjoyment for our audiences. The key word there being ‘ideally.’ Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to control a situation and assess the potential for mishap, things happen that are beyond our control and inevitably the shit eventually hit the fan. 

If only… These two words can be found at the beginning of so many tails of mishap and hindsight is pretty amazing stuff as it allows you to analyze and re-anlyze a situation again and again so you can look at the many factors that might have, could have, should have gone down differently. But an unfortunate reality is just that – reality and you need to roll with the punches and exercise what ever damage control is possible.

Nick Nickolas sat down with Nigel Martin (aka Mr. Spin) during the 2016 North Battleford Street Performers Festival to unwind the twisted tail of a bobbled baseball bat, an unsupervised five year old boy and a full-on Biker Father bent on retaliation.

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  1. “Did you consider teaching Jai how to do this bit…”
    Classic! Great story, thanks.

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