Short – Busker HoF 94 – Stand Your Ground

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Episode Notes:

Comments: Street performing seems to attract individuals who are either brave enough or stupid enough to walk out onto a pitch and through sheer force of will, create an audience where there wasn’t one. These same audiences then feed the ego of those performers who gain confidence and in some cases a certain degree of bravado.

Inevitably when you get a few of these egos together and perhaps mix in a little pride and testosterone, conflicts can arise. These altercations take many shapes and forms, but how you deal with pitch politics and the underlying reason behind why a disagreement can escalate into a more complicated confrontation says a lot about who you are as a person.

Al Millar connected with Lucky Diamond Rich via Skype for a longer conversation that became Episode 91, but we decided to save two great stories for this release; one that lead to a boxing match between LDR and Bike Boy and another in which Al Millar states, for the record, why Lucky Diamond Rich is his hero. 

Bonus Materials from the Al Millar’s Archives:

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