Busker HoF 52 – Shay Horay Interview


Episode Notes:

Comments: Shay Horay is renowned for his comic timing, natural physical comedy and sharp improvisational skills (this from the bio on his website) and there’s a lot of evidence of this in the conversation that Eric Amber captured with Shay when they connected to discuss his various forays into the world of Show Business.

This is a great conversation that dives into Shay’s influences and/or lack there of as well as the integrity that resonates through all of the material that he presents. Do stuff that allows you to sleep well at night seems to be the guiding principal and one that forces a fantastic creating process that pushes the performance envelop in just about every venue Shay plays in.

The Famous Rubberband Boy may have racked up a couple of Guiness Book of World Records, and made countless television appearances because of his ability to wrap rubberbands all over his face, but there’s so much more to this gifted comedian that is revealed through out this episode.

Bonus Images From Shay’s Archives with commentary by Shay: This is me escaping from the straight jacket on the pogostick in Fremantle Street Arts Festival. Awesome festival as they made me the poster boy with a photo that was taken from Dave Picken Photography and they crowds were massive. I too fat to achieve this trick at the very second.

01-FreoPogo-web This is the pick that Fremantle used on page 1 & 2 of the program, such a cool photo of the rubberbands. Dave managed to capture me being pensive and then ugly. All in the privacy of his kitchen. I love the responses people have to this photo. Especially the parents who make who remark teaching kids that this is a thing is bad. I say Hahahaha its my job. 02-Shay-Double-Portrait-webThis is another character I play called Keith Preene, in my own lounge many years back. Such a fun shoot putting the calendar together. I used to make posters for the show of these images and shops would refuse them being posted up in the window because they were classed as soft porn. 03-Keight-greygirl-web Sex sells though nearly always had sell out shows when I posted them. 04 - Kieth2-webOnce again taking myself too seriously. Great face for radio. 05-portrait-23b This is by far the largest crowd I have ever done a show too. My act is small my

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show is quite small. But the audience were still into it, In fact they loved it. The show was at the SPWC in Dublin Ireland 06-dublin-web Last year in Halifax 2014. Was a long time wanting to go and finally the opportunity came. What a awesome festival and great line up to be hanging out with. 07-halifax-web This was the late night group show in Edmonton 2012 I think. And my role in the show was the stage hand. So I did it as a chicken but not just any chicken this chicken was on heat. I essentially f**ked everyones props as I took them off stage all night. I had planned to take off the head in the show so i wore my stage glasses underneath. But in the end never took the head off and the glasses fogged up in the heat. So I was blind all night but very horny and a chicken. Inspired choices! 08-chicken-web

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