Busker HoF 87 – Bike Boy Interview

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Comments: It’s incredible that you can learn a skill as a teenager that serves you well for the rest of you life. In this instance, the skill is BMX trick riding and the teenager who learned the skills is Sean Jeremy Bridges. But how do you go from riding quarter-pipes with Sir Winston Churchill’s great grandson to being one of the most successful street performers on the planet? 

Bike Boy as he became known while touring with the infamous French Circus – Archaos  took his passion for BMX and circus skills, morphed them from a circus show into street show that has toured the world multiple times. With a Midas-like touch, everything he touches seems to turn to gold.

David Aiken sat down with Bike Boy at the end of the 2016 St. John’s Busker Festival along with Bendy Em to probe into where all of this BMX loving Street Star’s success has come from; how it started, where it took him and how he continues to evolve while fully embracing the chance to change as new technologies become available and new opportunities present themselves.

Bonus Material and commentary from various sources: 

Sean: The first picture is when I was twelve and just started being Bikeboy.

Sean: This shot is of me in Circus Archaos the ‘Last Show on Earth’ in Clapham Common London.

Sean: This is a good photo of me at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Official ‘I Heart BIKEBOY’ baseball cap from David Aiken’s private collection! “I love that I have a growing collection of Performer Swag! Thanks for this Sean!”

Bonus Videos:

All about Circus Archaos –


Bike Boy Promo Video –

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