Short – Busker HoF 88 – Broken

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Comments: There’s something to be said for throwing one’s self at life with a certain reckless abandon. Surround yourself with fellow street performers and the stakes for that sort of monkey business quickly escalate to a fever pitch often with little regard for any potential consequences – after all, we’re street performers, we’re invincible.

But what happens when something does go wrong? First of all you need to deal with the immediate reality in front of you, then the long term repercussions that surface once you fully understand to consequences of your actions. Thankfully the street performer community both recognizes the value of high spirited shenanigans but also looks after it’s own should something go wrong.

David Aiken sat down with Dave Evans at the 2017 Dubai Marina Mall Street Performer’s Festival to record the story of how a Naked Forward Dive Roll competition went horribly, horribly wrong and how the community came to his aid in his time of need.

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