Busker HoF 89 – Andre Vincent Interview

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Comments: Every venue has something to offer and an incredible potential for an artist with imagination and passion to take risks, see opportunity and create a theatrical experience. Treat the street with any less respect than the stage, a movie set or a television studio and you’ve missed the point. The street, as a venue, offers both performer and audience an environment where successfully suspending one’s disbelief can in fact be the most powerful experience imaginable, because it’s the least expected.

This is a lesson that Andre Vincent not only believes in, but shares with anyone he sees who cares as much about the art form as he does. He’s a guy who holds himself to a high standard and expects nothing less from others. He can be brash, passionate and opinionated to the point of being off putting at times, but at his core, these attributes exist because he cares deeply about what street theatre and any venue really has the potential to create for an audience.

Mat Ricardo sat down at Vinny’s sea-side home to discuss a career that saw young Andre get his start as a child actor, progressed to finding a love for clowning and circus skills, transported him to crafting an improvised melodrama for the street, morphed it’s way into doing stand-up comedy and then landed him comedy writing gigs for television.

Bonus Material and commentary by Andre

I bought the striped top in KeyWest cos it was so cold.

Classic ‘Arry Pavarotti (Andre’s Performance Persona) circa. 1985/86. I know that shirt and t-shirt got stolen from the staff laundry at Expo 86. Loved that Harpo shirt.

1989 Hat work with Waldo while playing at the Calgary Winter Festival

June 24, 2017 – day of the interview, Andre pulls out and models a little something from storage.

Video of Andre at Expo ’86

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