Short – Busker HoF 34 – Naked Highway


Episode Notes:

  • Interview by: Magic Brian
  • Interviewees: Al Millar & Eric Amber
  • Original Recording Dates:
    • Al Millar: December 3, 2013
    • Eric Amber: February 16, 2014
  • Date: Aired: March 15, 2014
  • Locations:
    • Al Millar: In Magic Brian’s Apartment in NYC’s Lower East Side
    • Eric Amber: The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, Australia
  • Music:
    1. Intro:“Vino” Royalty Free Jingle available in Apple Computers’ GarageBand.
    2. Other Music: “Cascade” by Tim Sars as played by The Carnival Band
  • Mixed and edited by: Magic Brian and David Aiken for The Busker Hall of Fame

Comments: August 2001, Eric Amber and Al Millar hastily depart Windsor, Ontario in Eric’s car on their way to Waterloo for the Busker’s Carnival. En route, they run out of gas. Waiting for help, the two decide to pull a wide stunt on the buskers who are about 30 minutes behind them on a chartered bus. Magic Brian sat down with Al, then connected with Eric and had them both tell their version of the same story each of which contained a few subtle and hilarious differences. We then took both versions and smashed together to perpetuate and grow the legend. Enjoy!

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