Short – Busker HoF 35 – Clown Anarchy


Episode Notes:

Comments: So it’s the mid-70’s The Rolling Stones are performing on a stage with the now iconic big lips as their backdrop and one promoter gets the brilliant idea to hire a bunch of clowns to help animate some of the shows that are happening. This is the world that Chris ‘dePyss’ Lynam is invited into and one in which his brand of improvised mischief is not only appreciated, but also encouraged. Princess Margaret, 200 clowns and Centre Court at Wimbledon all make an appearance in this short story captured during a conversation that Nick Nickolas had with this legendary performer.

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3 Responses to Short – Busker HoF 35 – Clown Anarchy

  1. Grindl says:

    Hi David
    it is so wonderful to see you doing this.
    Big Hug Big Smile & Big Love

  2. David Aiken says:

    Thanks Grindl! It’s an ongoing internal mystery as to why I throw so much time at this little side-project, so it’s good to know it’s appreciated.

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